Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaching "Days of the Week" (5th grade: Lesson 2.1)

TMBG "Never Go to Work" (popular with my students)

Attached to my lesson is a video that I play at the end which the students LOOVE. It's got a catchy tune & cute animation style that the students will enjoy relating to.

Here is my rudimentary Powerpoint lesson for 5th grade lesson 2.1 "What Day Is It Today?".  This is for learning the days of the week. Each day of the week, is associated with something that might be in a student's Mon-Sun week. (i.e. Monday= the 1st day of the school week, Tuesday= Taekwondo practice, Wednesday= Grandma's visit, Thursday= Math class, etc...).

I run through each day and ask for a class vote if this specific day (i.e. Wednesday) is their favorite day of the week & why. Or... if anyone has Taekwondo class on Tuesday, etc...

In our school,  favorite days are Wed (only 4 classes on this day), Sat and Sun (although I did get one kid who said Sun was not his favorite day because Mon follows it and this is school).

I've attached my 7DaysWeek.ppt here but if anyone has difficulty downloading it, please email me & I'll send it via email.

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