Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons from the Monster Factory (teaching Feelings)

For more about the results and pictures of this lesson plan go here

I love that I thought up this game! It's brilliant at getting a point silently across and the kids are entertained by it. I write the name of an emotion on the white board and then draw a circle. I ask for a volunteer as to who can fill in the circle and draw the emotion. I pick easy emotions they know like Happy, Sad, Angry.

Ss1 comes up, I give them a red pen and they draw a simple face. Say it's the emotion, Happy and they draw a Smiley. Then I ask for another volunteer, Ss2, to ADD to that drawing; make it MORE HAPPY. I give them a black or blue pen to do it in.  Main Rule: they can only ADD to the drawing, not subtract or erase.  I keep asking for students to come up and add  to the picture until it transforms into something intense.  When I'm done with the drawing, I point out the difference of what they started with in the RED pen to what the emotion transformed into.. with the BLUE or BLACK pen.  Usually it's a drastic difference.  I show them how at first the emotion was simple; now, it's a MONSTER! Then I'll perform the difference and really exaggerate it. Sad and Angry tend to draw the best results and the kids have fun. But it drives home the idea of how emotions can become monsters.

  An example of my 3rd grade class's board. Each single drawing is a compilation of at least 4-5 students' efforts.

B. Act or Draw Game:
-Emoticon Printouts.doc
- ACT DRAW.doc

Group game.  Ss send up a leader (everyone will get to have a turn). The game is similar to Charades. Ss play Ki-Bi-Bo and winner gets to pick from the bag. There are two bags that the Ss must pull from-- 1) holds ACT or DRAW pieces of paper; 2) holds Emoticons/Emotions. 

Winning Ss will pick one Emotion and one ACTION. The leaders must look at the emotion and either ACT it out or DRAW it on a piece of paper for their teams. When their team guesses, they must send up another Ss to write the name of the emotion on the whiteboard. The first correct answer (I count spelling too) wins the point.

C. Scavenger Hunt Game:
Download Tools-
-Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
- Scavenger Hunt Emoticon Printout

Teams get a scavenger hunt worksheet listing clues to places where they must collect the answer. In each location, I placed an Emoticon marker (i.e. X marks the spot) to signal they have found the area and the Emoticon feeling is the one they must write in the blank. When they fill in the entire worksheet and get it correct, I give them a prize.

D. Make your own My Pet Monster Mini-Book
My accordian book sample.

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