Friday, July 16, 2010

ESL Games: Spelling Board Games

(Gr 6, Ln 8: What will you do this summer?)

What will you do this summer? Video choreography

 So an EPIK friend, Diane, posted a video on her Facebook profile of her kids rocking out to this song. Hell, I didn't know the guy and the lesson videos existed-- would have saved me some choreography time for some of my other classes!

This is the video for this lesson. The guy is kinda silly but fun. My kids were reluctant to rock out to it
but giggled and laughed a lot while they were doing it. I think they had fun though.

Game: Re-construct the song

To prep this video my CT had a great idea. Our students are having difficulty in listening and spelling, so this, if nothing else, forced them to listen.

We xeroxed the song and made copies, then cut them up into sentence slivers, put them in an envelope and handed one out to each pair of students.

We played the song without the video, so they were forced to be reliant upon listening to the lyrics.

 They then had to construct the sentences. First one to complete the song gets points.

Guessing & Spelling Game

My mother, a retired school teacher suggested this game and the kids loved it!

Each student gets a whiteboard from the back w/ a marker and eraser.  I show a flashcard picture of an action or act it out and they write the phrase down i.e. "(I will) go swimming".

They turn their boards over when they're done and when I yell "Boards up!"

They raise their boards to show me the answer.  I go down the aisles yelling "Correct! Try again! Wrong!", etc...  They can keep track of how much they get correct or not, but most kids have liked this.  For the kids who got all correct, I rewarded small candies to.

Why this is great for teachers?

As my mom says, you find out who can spell and who can't and it makes spelling quizzes for the kids fun. 1) they love using the whiteboards, 2) its like a game show, 3)they get individual attention from the teacher.

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