This is a list of some some articles I think will be helpful to you and it's a good place to start.

Some of them are shared with my sister site, GRRRLTRAVELER.COM. Hope it answers your questions, but if not, shoot me an email or comment below and I'll be sure to respond. Enjoy!

So You Wanna Teach English in Korea?  

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Getting a Job Teaching English in Korea:

• Do you really want to teach English in Korea? (Q & A)
• Do you really want to teach English in Korea? (Public vs Private schools)
• Surviving a university job interview in Korea

• 5 Things MTV taught me about teaching ESL (How I used my old career tools in the classroom)
• From MTV Producer to English Teacher in Korea ( My story)

My ESL Workplace and Lifestyle:
• What is my class schedule and how many classes do I teach a week?
• My Schedule: A Day in a Life of an ESL Teacher
• Inside my Korean apartment
Video: My First Day at a Korean Elementary School
• 10 shocking facts about Korean schools
10 (More) Shocking Facts about Korean Schools

What are English Camps: 

• What's English Summer camp?
• What's an English Musical Summer Camp?
• Confronting Korea with my Waygook card
Getting a Korean phone (when you don’t know the language)

Why Pick Korea?

• 10 funny quirks you didn’t know about Koreans
Is Korea a state-of-the-art country?
• Why did I choose to teach in Korea?
• Why I Love Teaching English to my Korean Students

Free Resources:

Why you should get a Google Account
2 Free Software Programs to Use in place of MS Word

Lesson Plans and Games:

• Lessons from a Superhero Factory (teaching Actions)
• Lessons from the Monster Factory (teaching Feelings)
• Sharing your Culture (a lesson on Halloween)
• Giving your ESL class Thanksgiving (powerpoint)
• ESL Games: Spelling Board Games (video)
•  When is your Birthday?•  Teaching Seasons & Weather with "Boys Over Flowers" (powerpoint)
• 5 Games to Kill Time

Lesson Plans & Ideas for Teaching Adults & Korean Teachers

By the Way, You're Teaching Adult's English This Semester... (see the Textbook I taught from)
• 'Give Me More' Technique: Using it for Multi-level Adult Students (Part II)
• Download my powerpoint presentation and modify it for yourself.

Teaching Methods:

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