Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ice Breaker Games for Adult Introductions (and my first Adult English class!)

First day of my Parent's English class. I was nervous and upset--

a. My co-teacher had given me the class textbook (I ordered) that very morning, which meant...

b. I only had a small window of time after lunch to prepare a 1st Day of Class lesson plan for a 100 minute class! Yup. Unfortunately, my recycled About Me Introduction ppt presentation was not going to take a full 100 minutes.

c. I discovered during lunch that the textbooks hadn't arrived and that the parents would be without them, so...

d. I had to make handout copies of the pages I would teach and ...

c. It was at 2PM when I came to that realization (that, not having textbooks stuff) after it

dawned on me that our coordinator's nervous look and her Korean chatter to my co-teacher (during lunch) meant something was wrong.

d. Now I was really ticked off-- my class started at 3P and my co-teacher failed to translate ANY of those details to me nor did she inform me of that the change, despite I was sitting in front of her (she's been getting real lazy at the not translating things for me bit)! Worse, when I realized this all, I had to hunt her down (she was hiding out in another class) to confirm my guess-timation.

I wasn't happy and when I'm not happy, you know what?... you'll know it. I risked Korean ostracization and in broad public sternly commanded my co-teacher as to what I needed done in 45 minutes time.

Frickin' Dynamic Korea & lame Korean Co-Teachers!

Lesson plan/materials for my 1st day of Parent's English class:

1) Introduction Handout  

(aka proficiency test to see the level my parents were at)
Note: Thanks to EPIKer, Adam Goldman for his lesson on Introductions for our Summer Camp.


2) Icebreaker Game 

- I write a important number on a sheet of paper and have the parents guess what it means to me. Because I modeled it, I have them do the same.
Note: Thanks to EPIKer Chance Alberg for that idea.


3) About Me Introductory ppt presentation


4) Taught Introductions from xeroxed copies of my textbook 


5) Celebrity Introductions Game (.doc)

I pass out identity cards of famous people who inspire me. Students must mingle and introduce themselves as the person and then introduce themselves to the class.

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