Friday, November 12, 2010

Classroom Tip #3: Having Students Grow "Smart Brains"

Goal : Make your lessons challenging but not too difficult. Learn how to give them more without it being too much.

Everyone wants to feel like they're growing smart brains. Everyone wants to be challenged. While no one wants to feel too much difficulty or struggle in their lessons, they do want to feel like they've earned their rights to meeting the next chapter with some competency. People want to know they've earned the doggie bone and with a little struggle and challenge, they feel they worked for it.

Use your Smart Students to Teach the Class

The reason why I like the Give Me More technique is because I've seen it work in my classes and this is great when you have students of all different levels.  When the advanced students reach for adding more to what they give me in answers and responses, they actually end up teaching and training the rest of my class for me. Why? They have already role modeled the feat of learning as being possible. 

You can use the smart kids set the standard goal of excellence for the rest of your class to work towards.

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