Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 Things I've Learned About Koreans from Watching K-dramas

Popular K-drama, Full House

In lieu of Valentine's Day, today's post is about the language of Sarang-he (Korean for "Love")! K-dramas have been the recent rage and drug popular that's been sweeping across the globe and hitting Asian countries and places like Hawaii. As mentioned, I've been trying to speed-learn Korean, so I've injected a healthy dose of Korean dramas into my diet and I've found myself, well,... a bit addicted to it too!
You can learn a lot about a country by watching their films and tv programs. I'm not saying everything you see on the tube will be true or accurate, but you get a general impression- good, bad or weird- of
how a culture observes themselves, their social and fashion trends, customs, codes of conduct, etc...  Inevitably, of course, you forge a raw stereotype based on what you've watched; then, wonder if it's all true.

10 Things I've learned about Koreans from watching K-dramas:

If you're a Korean Girl...
1)  You always fall for the rich and arrogant  jerk, who treats you like a servant.
2)  You are always hungry and stuffing food in your mouth, while talking.
3)  You're able to wear mini skirts in freezing cold weather.
If you're a Korean Guy...
4)  and you're handsome and nice, you will almost never...ever get the girl (*unless you are... See #1).
5)  You are a good cook and love to wear a cute smock aprons while doing it.
6)  You like wearing pink.
The Korean Mystique:
If you're Korean ...
7)  You are emotional and love to yell and scream.
8)  You love romantic triangles, rags-to-riches stories, and Shakespearean tragedies, where people show love through immense self-sacrifice (I can't even dream up half the kind of self-relinquishing acts that they do!).
9) you have a fascination with the loss of eyesight: i.e.  a lover is or goes blind...  commits suicide so their loved one can have their eyes, etc.. (See #8).
10) You don't know how to kiss.


My Top 4 Favorite K-dramas:

Full House
A naïve girl whose only belonging is a house her father left her, must enter a contract marriage with a famous and spoiled actor, when her house is sold out from under her.

Full House
2. Princess Hours
A common and quirky girl is placed in an arranged marriage with a stuffy Prince. Comical and cute at times, the story is mildly reminiscent of the rags to riches concept of  Hollywood's Princess Diaries.

Princess Hours (aka Gung or The Palace)

3. Spring Waltz
directed by
Yoon Suk-ho (the Eric Rhomer of Korea), whose titles involve seasons is a story.
Will destiny lead you back to the one you lost? Childhood friends are separated when a life threatening situation occurs. Several years later, they cross paths again while assuming different identities.

Spring Waltz

4. A Prince's First Love

Opposites attract when an arrogant hotel heir meets a penniless waitress at a ski resort and she changes his life.

A Prince's First Love

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