Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why should you get a Gmail Account?

Earlier, I wrote about how Google Docs makes it easy for travelers and ESL teachers with workplace PC problems to be productive, despite the environment.

If you don't have a gmail account by now, I'd recommend signing up for a free account .  This
pretty much unlocks Google and all of its interconnected features.

Google is your one-stop online shop for everything.

By logging into your Gmail account online, you gain access to a handful of accounts without having to re-enter your password.

What accounts are those, you may ask?

Here's what you get:

  • Gmail
    - 10 GB of storage. Do you know what that means? It means, people can send you high bit rate files (photos and video) via email, without your mailbox bouncing their email due to limited storage allowance.
  • Google Docs
    - word processing, database and presentations apps similar to MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Picasa
    - photo storage and image software
  • YouTube account
  • Blogger
    -  create your own blog; your Picasa and YouTube accounts are linked so you can easily add photos and videos from your albums.
  • Calendar
    -  an online calendar to jot appointments
  • Google Plus account
    It's trying to compete with Facebook and I'm not sure I'm convinced yet. While it's highly doubtful folks will switch over, Google Plus is gathering a small following.
  • Google Drive
    -  a drive that you can download onto your computer to work with files or to drag onto your  Desktop to work offline.

You can even share your files with others and have others work on it in real-time with you.

... And Google just keeps expanding its features.

As a traveler, I love that I can gain access to information and storage files, where ever I'm at. 

Here are some ways I've used it:

•  Are you an expat, working on an office PC that's set in a language different from your own? Do your work online on Google Docs, save it and then finish it up from your computer at home,

• What would you do if your passport ever got lost or stolen? Keep a backup copy of your passport in Google Docs, so you can print it out from any printer and when you need.

• Need to dump a few photos off of your camera card and forgot to bring an exterior hard drive? Dump it to your Picasa web albums or upload your videos direct to YouTube.

• Applying for a summer camp job in Korea, when you're in Thailand? Not a problem, if you stored your resume on Google Docs, you can re-edit it online and email it to the company.

• Working on a travel itinerary with friends who live in different places? Set up a Google Groups account where you can

• Transferring files between computers? Just launch Google Drive.

•  Need to see your iCal on something larger than a mobile phone or iPad? Go to Calendar.

Why haven't you switched over yet?


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