Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson Plans & Games: Teaching Jobs and Occupations

(My Father is a Pilot:   6th gr Lesson 7)

1. People Song (video) by Peter Weatherall

I play this for the first time then hand out a piece of paper to each team. I ask them to list all the
occupations they could remember from the video. This sets me up for the Survival Game.

I then play the video a second time and tell them they must listen to what people do in these jobs. (this prepares them for the Charades game)

2. Survival Game

Each team must contribute an answer in order to stay alive in the game. If one team speaks an answer they have, they must cross that answer off the list. If it gets to their turn and they repeat the answer that was already spoken, they lose a point and a turn. The last one alive is the ultimate winner.

3. Charades

Now from their list, the teams must choose one job/occupation to act out... as a team. Other teams must guess. Some teams thought of jobs outside of the video and surprisingly as 6th graders, they had fun.

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