Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Yourself to Your Korean Students through Powerpoint

For my first week of elementary school EFL, I wasn't expected to teach.

Still, I thought I'd do an Introduction in Powerpoint anyways. Afterall, my kids will want to know about me anyways, and because I have pictures/video to share of where I'm from, I'd like to get them engaged from the start.

The first lessons for the Korean elementary school year is always about "Making Introductions" anyways.So my co-teachers loved the idea and the fact it roughly took 10 minutes of classroom time.

Enclosed is the Powerpoint presentation.

Hopefully you can open it but if you can't, please email me and I'll send it to you. Good luck to all you teachers.


Classroom Observations:

1. Most of my students know who Obama is! (gasp-- I don't even know who the South Korean president is...)
2. The video of Elementary school children in Hawaii doing cultural activities actually kept them awake  (*Tip: kids like seeing other kids in videos- if you can actually shoot the videos at their eye level, it's even better.)
3. They are curious about you and your personal life, like family.
4. Local pop celebrities: for them as a wake-up surprise if they were drifting off. When they saw the performer, Bi/Rain, some of them shouted out his name and got excited.
5. Travel photos- *Tip: photos of kids, yourself, and animals are interesting to them.

Download Powerpoint ("Hello, what is your name3.ppt")

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