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EPIK Teacher Resource Links

This is a list that a fellow 2010 EPIKer put together from our 2010 Teachers Handbook & Orientation.  It's super helpful and he was kind enough to laborously put it together for us. I wish I got his name so that I could credit him but seeing as I don't, let's just all wish him good things!

2010 EPIK Teachers Handbook & Orientation

Section 1- Korean Culture, Life and Society.

•Chapter 2: A Brief Introduction to the Korean History and Culture.
Remember Hyunwoo Sun? He boasted his twitter account and youtube fame… This is his personal website. You can follow him, as well as find a few language resources, here…
Yup, this is the site for those who want to learn Korean.
A website for those interested in learning a new language.

•Chapter 3: Wonders of Korea

Website of the KSCPP (Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project)

•Chapter 4: EPIK Life- Succeeding in Dynamic Korea

•Chapter 5: Notes for Administration Task Timeline
Korea’s Immigration Website. Forms and other important info here.
Interested in National Health Insurance? Go here. English help line phone #: 02.390.2000
Website for Korea’s National Tax Service. Helpline # for Foreigners: 02.2076.5711 (our book also lists 02.397.1440 but that # isn’t on there website)
National Pension Service. (Couldn’t get this to load but its listed)
Ministry of Labor site… “Towards More and Better Jobs!” Policy and laws can be found here. Helpline for Foreign Workers: 82.31.345.5000 and 031.345.5000. Also a Severance Pay Formula (but, hey, lookout! It’s all in Korean) page-
E-Government Website for us Foreigners!
EPIK’s website. Counseling helpline #: 02.3668.1400

Section 2- Teaching Theory and Practice.

•Chapter 2: Classroom Activities Using Multiple Intelligences.

Website for English Teacher’s and Learners. Lots of resources… get an id and sign in/up.

The website that takes news articles and turns them into pre-made lessons… Awesome!!!

Free Printables for Teachers. Lots of flash cards, games, worksheets, etc!!!

The infamous Dave’s CafĂ©…

It’s a stopwatch. On-line. And you can download it. Woah.

•Chapter 3: The Theory and Practice of Teaching Listening.
Walter Foreman ESL website. Lots of good stuff here to download: Audacity, worksheets, activities, etc… His email is

Here you can find a bunch of Brain Booster’s, a puzzle maker, and science-EEE things.

•Chapter 5: Reading and Writing Activities.

All about AI software robots like A.L.I.C.E

Text-to-Movie website… Take any text and create a Lego-like cartoon.
(Also sited, look in chapter 2 for description…)

•Chapter 7: Adapting Materials- Education and Technology.
This txt website can be adapted to be used as a phonetics resource.
“VoiceThread is a powerful new way to talk about and share your images, documents, and videos.” Ummm… I’ll talk your word on it?
Pretty much all the activities in the chapter can be found here. Kidz Karokee Korner (Umm… did we have to use capital “K’s” for this?) and other videos… Look around and you will (more websites, articles).
Books for beginning readers of all ages!
Lesson plans, activities for young learners, M.S. and H.S.
Short simple techniques, ideas and resources to help teachers.
Yet another English learning website aimed at youngsters.
Like VoiceThread but no pictures. “Message boards with real voices!” Make a talkgroup.
A place to create a free wiki for you class.
A class writeboard allows all students to work on a class document, add and edit. Find how to make one here.
Quickly make a page for your class that updates all the rss feeds you want of all the content around the world wide web that your students need.
Can you say flash cards? Find some or make your own here. Plus your students can use the site to practice and quiz themselves.
Free ESL video quizzes and resources for EFL students and teachers.
Free-access video lessons for students and teachers.
Sign up as a teacher, invite students to record their voices to real videos. Keep track of their progress then eat their souls… whah?
EDU 20 is a free, web hosted learning management system that allows anyone to create an online school in minutes. It’s easy to use, comprehensive, and can be accessed from any web browser. Also, its free.
An easy site for students to keep an online journal where you check their English and blackmail them with later.

•Chapter 8: Drama Techniques in the Classroom.

The drama teachers’ (Linda and S. Glenn Brown) ESL Youtube channel. Also their emails and lesson plans for Primary – High School. Works well when adapted for older students, apparently…

Teach children through the art that is DRAMA.

A site that explaining different teaching techniques.

•Chapter 9: Ways to an Effective Co-teaching in a Classroom.

Some video examples classrooms in action:

>Teacher’s Resources> VOD


>Audiovisual Room> A Model Class

>Team Teaching> Middle School / High School > Photos & Videos

•Chapter 10: Project-based Learning- Theory and Practice

Learn the principles of project based learning and how to design your projects here.

The “Design Effective Projects: Project-Based Units to Engage Students” site.

A list of student projects some school in Canada did…

Ugh… more student projects… pretty lame site… if your really struggling for some ideas, I guess you could go here. I’d rather hit my head with a large wooden spoon.
Okay so the lecturer who did all the Project Based stuff’s name is Clarence Stephen Bennett. Email is: and his # is 010.7793.0579

•Chapter 10: Camps and After School Classes.
Just the lecturer’s email here. Craig Tronsgard,

•Chapter 11: Elementary English Curriculum & Textbooks

I know I’ve listed it already but here it is again- You can find a teacher’s guide written in English here supposedly.

http://www.puzzlemaker.com, and

All I want for Christmas is Vocabulary Worksheet Maker! Wait a sec… NO WAY!?! Christmas came early this year!

Free downloads of handouts and crafts.

Children’s educational website games.

Thousands of resources including worksheets, lesson ideas, and tips.

More printable worksheets, activities and handouts. Hot dog.

The British Council site with more resources for teachers.

A variety of free printable work sheets for home AND school use.

Section 3: Lesson Planning and Teaching Practices

•Chapter 1: Eleven (11) Steps to Effective Lesson Planning

Open source office software for word processing! Free.

A little ESL community… Getting bent outta shape with your Korean computer? Go to the “Teaching English in Korea” group and find the forum: “My computer is in Korean! How can I change English?” for the fix.

An independent resource site for English teachers worldwide.

Gotta love free. Here is more free stuff, printables, activities, games, etc…

Word building exercises and worksheets.

A website for all you bookworms. Buy books here.

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