Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teaching Teacher's English: Introductory Rules, Gossip & Cosmo Glamour

Class 3: Rules & Followup lesson & Vocab for subjects in Class 1 & 2 (Carla Bruni & Cosmo).

English Class Rules & some Informal introductions (thanks to Epiker Anika for the latter)
Class 2 Material Followup: Cosmo Vocabulary
"Cosmopolitan"/Cosmo Vocab
Description of a Sweet 16 Celebration
- with link to an MTV show I shot & produced
- I thought a dynamic bridge between Cosmopolitan/Cosmo lifestyles & Gossip/Rumor Lifestyles
- I showed the first 5 minutes to give them an idea of the Cosmo vocab words like glamorous, etc..
Carla Bruni Vocabulary Worksheet
(got some of this from Breaking News English site & revised some)
-Didn't get to do the exercise cause I was already running overtime.  The exercise we can do next class.

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