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My first class teaching Teaching Teacher's English ( Introductions, Gossip & Glamour)

Name - ___________________________
Level - Beginner / Intermediate

Topics for Learning English:

1.      Holidays
2.      Classroom English Terms and Phrases
3.      Birthdays
4.      Celebrities  
5.      Tipping
6.      Children and Family  
7.      Dating  
8.      Telling Time
9.      Days of the week
10.  Months in a year
11.  Western Slang
12.  Free time and Hobbies   
13.  Gender Roles
14.  Travel
15.  Music
16.  The Weather
17.  Movies
18.  Transportation
19.  Restaurants and Eating Out
20.  Money and Shopping
21.  Giving / Asking - Directions in English
22.  Introducing yourself

 The above checklist worksheet is something I passed out to my teachers at the beginning of class. It's a list of subjects they might want to learn and I have my teachers mark or rate what their preference for topics.

First Class teaching Teacher's English

I really didn't know what to prepare or what to expect.

I spoke to other EPIKers as to how they were handling their Teaching Teacher's English class. EPIKer Anika had some great tips as she was excited about teaching her teachers and
had several lessons worked out. Her checklist above is what I thought was brilliant.

Extracting answers from my Koreans teachers

A class needs a curriculum for structure and when you can't teach from a textbook, this can be hard--

I will be the one creating the textbook, the Powerpoint presentations and possibly worksheets. Getting teachers' interest is a way to form a curriculum.

But if you ask adults for their ideas or interests, it's like asking to be frustrated by the response of silence. Getting my teachers to speak about their personal goals or expectations for the class wasn't easy. Many of them were either, too shy to express what they want; and  some, I suspect didn't quite know what they wanted out of the class either.

Asking for ideas from your students? No.

Bad idea.

It was a god-send that I printed out the above questionnaire in advance as a safety solution. I had the students fill them out in class and voila! I have a direction to shape my class curriculum.

Class #1: Activity :  Give students an article and generate a  class discussion from it

Didn't quite have faith in this activity but it was recommended by another EPIKER. I hear some EPIKers will pass out articles for students to read and generate class discussions from. I find this a bit droll but it was my first class and I didn't have a safe springboard.

I passed out an article from about Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy (my document) rumors & did a discussion about gossip and rumors.What they thought of gossip & who they would want to hear gossip about , etc...

I didn't get to do my ppt Intro, so...

Class 2: Introductions

The Non-traditional approach to Introductions:

Introduce yourself via Cosmo Questionnaires

In the U.S. many of us women have at least done one in our lifetime. This is a more extended answer of a questionnaire (no spicy content or choices to choose from. I have students choose from the list of questions to Ask/Answer  Are you a Cosmo Girl/Guy?  to other students when they do this. They do it for 3 minutes and rotate partners. 

- I got this from some teacher's idea site (I wish I could remember so that I could give them credit; I think he was an EPIKer). The questionnaire was named something else, but seeing as I was starting my class on the subject of Gossip & Glamour, this was a nice continuation.

Finally, time for my introduction

My extended version of my Powerpoint Introduction to the Teachers, spoke a bit about my challenges in learning the Korean language.

My PPT Introduction of my stats, my former job, my birthdate year + the following inserts which I made:



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