Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sigh of Relief & Clarifications for NETs on Korea's new Visa Extensions

Furious. Frustrated. Jaded. Piss-poor negative and ready to risk unauthorized visa extensions. This is how many NETs were feeling at the recent email that went out from DOE's notifying them of the new Visa Extensions regulations.  Produce apostilled diplomas and now, a FBI criminal background report from abroad?! Messages on Facebook circulated around in various forums from interpretations of regulation wording, fears that we weren't given enough time to meet deadlines, rumors of how other district NETs were going about it, to "My co-teacher said..."  Though the regulations were written in English, reading it was only leading to more confusion. Personally, my head hurt. We were feeling all too helpless and our DMOE wasn't responding to our many questions.

If you're wondering good news ahead and we finally received word from our DMOE as to the actions whether we're renewing a contract, changing schools or leaving after contract is up.  Maybe the Korean Department of Ministry and the Korean God of visa extensions aren't evil. Maybe....

The following is the letter we've received. While I am still digesting it, I thought I'd post it ASAP as I know many NETs outside of our district are feeling a similar frustration. Click here to go to the article on GRRRL TRAVELER.

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