Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1o (More) Surprising Facts about Korean Schools


Sometimes, the cultural differences of working in the Korean classroom can be a real trip for a westerner! Either you're left open-mouthed at every corner or you're still trying to understand the Korean logic...

Back in March when I first arrived here, I was just uncovering my new environment (Read"10 surprising facts about the  Korean school"). Today, it's become a  routine; yet as much as I live the daily idiosyncrasies and tics of my kimchi habitat, some of this stuff still boggles the mind a bit.

Though this does have to do with my school and class experiences in Korea, the following post is parked on my GRRRL TRAVELER blog where I thought the cultural differences interesting enough to be in my travel section. Click on the link below.

10 (More) Surprising Facts about the Korean Public School.

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