Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do you really want to teach English in Korea? (Part I: Q & A)

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Apologies for the redirect once again. This series of articles will be posted in full form at Though My Crazy Kimchi is my ESL teaching site, the questions of taking a gap travel year and teaching English abroad arose from readers on that site. I will be posting update links to My Crazy Kimchi in the meanwhile.

Well deciding to teach English abroad can feel like ordering a mail order bride. You've got a description and a list of hopeful expectations; yet you can't see what you've got until the day arrives. How will you know what you asked for will be what you wanted? Honestly, sometimes even when you've crossed over to seeing your prize, things can still seem a bit veiled; but at least you've tackled the biggest hurdle... making it happen!

Recently friends and readers have asked me about my experiences in the ESL classroom and how they can teach English abroad too. I've decided to make it a three part series. This is general Q&A I've gotten...

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