Monday, February 14, 2011

The oddity of a 1.5 week of school

Sometimes, the Korean school system doesn't make sense. Not at all. Got back from winter vacation last Sunday to start school on Monday...

All 1.5 weeks of it. 

My poor students.

Last week we actually taught class and surprisingly, the kids were pretty adorable about it. What choice do they have, really...

 This week, I have 1/2 a week of school with Wednesday being graduation for our 6th graders.  Here's the kicker-- our 6th grade students have class on Tuesday! So we decided we'll make it a games and movie day for them.

What kid will take a class -the day before graduation- seriously?! ...And it'd be seriously cruel to even make them try.

Although if we don't push, I suppose the hagwons will (that's if any of my students go to hagwons, which aren't many).

Anyways, my third graders got to do their last chapter which ended on a role play/ skit, which they love doing.  The little ones love roleplay and I'm not sure why... Perhaps the acting bug hits them all early off... or
perhaps its the fact my co-teacher , Soo Mi gives them points! Still, my 3rd graders have got some real potential and nabbing this English language down and they're pretty bright for their age too! I'm always so proud of them. They'll be amazing 4th graders next year!

My fourth grade (picture below), we got to do a Golden Bell game, which the kids like also. It's kinda like a quiz show game, like Jeopardy! They get to answer a multiple choice question and the questions can be tricky, off-textbook and it's surprising to see how much my kids know outside of the textbook (which they don't always know). Many of them are used to the format and have played this before.

In teams of 4 we give each of them whiteboards with black dry erase markers. I either show them questions or read them like a game show host. They write the answers on their boards and when I say "Boards up!" they raise their boards.  I then show the answer. The winners keep their boards raised until scores are tallied.

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