Monday, August 1, 2011

Classroom Tip #5: Using Supplementary materials & games


Got a Textbook? 

Well don't be fooled, you'll still probably need supplementary materials & games to beef up your classroom learning if you want your students to get better. While I like the textbook I've chosen to teach from, it doesn't have nearly as much vocabulary as I think my students should be learning; thus, I often need to extend the lesson with additional materials.

- extra worksheets or vocabulary words
- bringing in some videos/media
- a short Powerpoint presentation (*visuals are never a bad idea, if they have purpose & meaning)

- a short newspaper article
- games
- role play dialogue
- a cartoon strip

... pretty much anything that can enhance a class.

What I've been using a lot are GAMES. Yes and I occasionally use similar games that I do with my kids.  Adults love games too (although they'll initially be dragging their feet). It's a fun way to get them   interacting conversationally.

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