Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Fun Games for Teaching Adults

Yay! My teaching whiteboard is looking neater and neater.

In honor of it being my last class, I'm posting two more activities I've used with my adult students!


This is a small modification of the ACT or DRAW game that I use with my students is simple and it's based off of charades. The students work in teams and send up one person from their group.  The group representatives are in the front of class and Ki-Bi-Bo. The winner chooses from the packet of  Speak, Act, Draw.  Say Draw is picked from the packet. Then the person must pick an activity.... say it's "Surf the internet". 

When I say "Go!" the students must run back to their group and find ways to draw "surf the internet".  If Speak is chosen, the student must run back to the group and describe the activity without saying any part of the phrase (i.e. computer, riding waves, etc...). Acting the activity would merely be charades where the student must gesture and mime.  


After teaching basic introductions and vocabulary like jobs or hobbies, I have my adults pick a magazine picture. They must write an imaginary biography of the person in the picture and then introduce that person in front of the class. 

For instance: "Maggie is a musician. She is 24 years old, single, lives in New York City and loves to eat ice cream. Her favorite kind of music is jazz, her favorite color is black and her favorite movie star is Tom Cruise.

For fun, you could also teach them about personal dating ads and have them make personal ads for the imaginary people also!

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