Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teaching "Months of the Year" (6th gr: Lesson 4.3)

We had our open/DMOE class evaluation today.  There were two NETs with two DMOE evaluators sitting in our class. I love evaluations. Yes, they're nerve wracking and my co-teacher gets so stressed out with them... But I love them. 

I love performing.


Here's a summary of our lesson plan on "Months of the Year":

We played  "12 Months (are in a year) Song" youTube video as the class entered and got seated.

Then we sang "The Month Song" along with the CD-Rom disk (* this song is kind of soggy, but hey...)


Class activity: 3 games


Ball Toss- When is your birthday?

Student 1: When is your birthday? (chooses someone to toss it to & that person must answer the question)
Student 2: It's June...  When is your birthday? (chooses someone to toss it to & that person must answer
the question... and so forth).

Word Scramble 

-the students must construct  sentences of a dialogue by putting them in the correct order.  Paired teams and each team got a packet of words.  My co-teacher and I would read out the dialogue to help the students.  Enclosed is a Microsoft Word document of the dialogue and aids. You will need to cut the sentences up and place them in an envelope.

Mark the Date 

(2010 calendars only & not holidays or worksheet)
Pair work.
Each student is given a worksheet and assigned to A or B section of the worksheet. 
Side A: a list of holidays and
Side B: a list of different holidays. 
Holidays were Korean, American, My Birthday & co-teachers, random other holidays.

Calendars are placed all around the room and students must go to the calendars to get the answers of what date a holiday is in.  In some calendars, I'd place random holidays to trick the students out.

I'd either circle the date or place a star next to it, etc... I treated it like it was an actual calendar with scribbles.  When the students return to their seats with either their A or B side filled out, then they must exchange answers with the target language being:

What date is .....(holiday)....?
 -It is .......(month)....(date)...

They then go to the wall to a posted answer sheet and self-check their answers.

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