Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life-Changing Decisions

Making a life altering choice is never easy... Yes, contract renewal time is here for all public school English Teachers and this past Tuesday, my school wanted to know what my decision would be... in two days!

Shotgun decisions: "I thought I knew what I wanted until you asked me."
Usually we can see the fork in the road at the start of every undertaking; and thus, have time to prepare for it. To say this news came as a surprise is just a wish to delay the inevitable-- that being a stressful life-altering decision, which will result in a short-term prison sentence to an unpredictable future! However, isn't every decision a death row gamble?

I knew this day would come but, it was difficult feeling out an answer. Invariably, there are times...(click on above title to read this at GRRRL TRAVELER...)

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